Associate Membership

Associate Membership Profile

Associates of the Executive Women's Council (EWC) are dynamic, professional women who want to advance in leadership positions. Sponsored by an EWC Member, EWC Associates are exposed to opportunities that:

  • Increase their knowledge base
  • Enhance personal and professional networks
  • Assist them in the fulfillment of professional and community volunteer goals¬†

Criteria for Associate Membership

EWC's mission is to provide leadership and leadership opportunities for executive and professional women to increase their political and economic power. EWC's objective is to provide enrichment, support, and a source of collective influence for executive and professional women in Pittsburgh. EWC's goals for establishing an Associate level of membership are to:

  • Reach out to other women through mentorship opportunities
  • Aid in the growth and development of women in the Pittsburgh region

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum criteria to be considered as an Associate. Applicants should take note that the following are minimum criteria, and the Committee may also consider other information about the applicant in the evaluation process. (Annual Dues $125)

Potential Associates:

  • Must be sponsored by an EWC Member as an Associate
  • Have at least two (2) year's experience in a professional, executive position. "Professional position" shall include any accountant, lawyer, health care professional, engineer, consultant, scientist, researcher, artist, clergy or educator. "Executive position" shall include any business owner actively involved in the operation of the business, any position within or reporting directly to senior management of an organization, or any elective, appointive, managerial or administrative position in which the applicant has supervisory, planning and budgetary authority over a unit of an organization
  • Earned at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university

Associate members are expected to serve on EWC Committees to further their experience and increase their exposure to professional members in a dynamic environment.

Associate Membership Fee: $125.00