The Executive Women's Council (EWC) was established to promote the economic and political advancement of leading women in business and the professions within the Pittsburgh region. Since its inception in 1975, EWC has positioned itself as a source of collective influence for women, a voice for significant political and economic development issues, and a networking organization where women of achievement can share their interests and insights in a collegial environment.

One of EWC's primary areas of focus is Women on Boards, an initiative designed to achieve more equitable female representation on boards of directors for public, corporate and influential not-for-profit organizations. The cornerstone of Women on Boards is an interactive online database that showcases the competencies and experience of highly qualified women who are available for high-level board placement.

In pursuing its goals, EWC has formed strategic alliances with other women's advocacy organizations. One of these is WIRED - Women Initiating Regional Economic Development --, which has formally merged with EWC and remains a standing committee. EWC has collaborated closely for many years with the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, an organization committed to achieving equity in female opportunity, remuneration, and representation.

Among other initiatives, EWC has helped to underwrite studies on the disparities between men and women related to employment and political office. It has also supported successful legislation to curb domestic violence among police officers and has formed an alliance with the Working Hearts program of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation to promote cardiovascular health.

EWC's program meetings are of executive caliber and are designed to appeal to diverse audiences. Among these are political candidate forums, entrepreneurial round tables, discussions about current research of interest to women leaders, and conversations with authorities on economic development, regional politics, professional development, and numerous other topics. EWC also sponsors regular social networking events so members can share insights, information, and employment opportunities or just spend time talking with one another in an informal setting.

After more than three decades, EWC remains one of the most highly regarded professional organizations in the Pittsburgh region. It will always welcome new members who have demonstrated their professional achievement, community leadership and commitment to the advancement of women's political and economic power. Equally, EWC will always be open to new ideas for programs, events, and initiatives that help to advance these vital causes.