EWC has a number of committees which offer our members unique and fulfilling opportunities to participate and network with fellow members.  If you have any questions or are interested in serving on a committee, please reach out and contact the chair, Co-chair, or any member of the Committee, or any member of the Board. 

EventsThe purpose of this committee is to provide programs of executive caliber which are designed to appeal to diverse audiences.  In addition it sponsors regular social networking events so members can share insights, information, employment opportunities or just chat in an informal setting.

Monique DeMonaco, Co-Chair 
Coach Monique & Associates
[email protected]

Liaison:  The purpose of this committee is to create relationships with other area organizations with a focus on women's leadership, that enhance the value of EWC membership as well as advance the missions of the liaison organization.  

Jackie Heidelberg, Co-Chair
Human Capital Solutions
[email protected]

Membership: Leads the effort to maintain and increase EWC membership; works with Program Committee to plan networking events specifically designed to attract qualified new members; develops creative ideas to increase and retain membership; maintains contact with active and potential members to encourage their continued interest in EWC. Connects each new member with a “mentor” who holds a welcome meeting with them, encourages their participation in an EWC committee, and serves as a continuing resource.

Ellen Marcus, Co-Chair
Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
[email protected]

 Public Relations/Communications: The purpose of this committee is to ensure optimal communications to both the member community as well as the public. In doing so, EWC Communications will be professional, timely, and unified.


Women on Boards:  Works strategically with other organizations and individuals actively involved in similar initiatives to increase female board representation. Develops, maintains and publicizes Women on Boards interactive database designed to help qualified women achieve positions on high-level public, not-for-profit and governmental boards.  Please see our website for more information on this committee and its online directory.

Carolyn McKinney, Co-Chair 
Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
[email protected]

Ratna Jain, Co-Chair 
University of Pittsburgh
[email protected]

Adhoc or Historical Committee:

Special Events: Plans, executes and as needed secures financial sponsorship for special celebrations and initiatives such as EWC anniversary celebrations every five years, the Pittsburgh 250 anniversary commemorative event in 2008 and others that warrant broad participation and long-term planning.

Strategic Planning: Ensures that EWC mission and vision remain current, realistic and measurable through planning sessions, surveys, focus group input, and regular reviews. Works with board and membership to develop, monitor and revise action plans in support of EWC’s strategic direction. Includes planning for any WIRED programs (Women Interested in Regional Economic Development), by offering professional programs related to the regional economic development efforts and other related activities.

Women’s Voices, Women’s Votes: Committee was formed to advance initial planning undertaken in 2008 by a collaborative of professional women’s organizations as part of Pittsburgh 250 Community Connections commemoration. Committee develops and monitors strategy and action plans to advance core initiatives identified by the collaborative, while also serving as a clearinghouse for coordinated event scheduling and communications.